In today’s modern construction industry, the advanced use of technology has really changed the game: Design methods have evolved, product options are nearly limitless, and decisions are made faster and more frequently than ever. What this means is that project management is everyone’s key to success – yours and ours!

3D drawings and digital design documents are a must-have organizational tool for residential projects. In the commercial field, inventory management and quality control is equally important. We have developed systems and procedures that excel in all these areas, and more!

Our Residential Lounge offers our clients a serene showroom experience. The atmosphere is calm and tranquil. You can browse through our curated collection to find the perfect finish to complement your design theme and to make your space unique. We offer a large variety of builder’s series, many exclusive line and several high-end finishes to make your project unique

Our full service, award-winning designers specialize in residential and multi-residence developments. They create spaces that are innovative, fresh and personalized. Our team are well respected in the industry and come highly recommended. They will make the selection process enjoyable.

In our Commercial Showroom Library. We have assembled an unparalleled collection of architectural and design folders, all of which are neatly organized and easy to find – and we want to share them all with you!

Up-to-date and modern, this is a space for creativity, innovation, inspiration and, most importantly, relationships. What we have created with our library is not another salesfloor, but rather it is a resource for the Okanagan’s entire building community. Come spend some time with people who think like you think, and love what you love!