Project Partners

Flooring is, by nature, one of the last tasks to be completed on any new construction or renovation project. After weeks, months or sometimes years of planning, designing and construction, flooring, along with the other finishing trades, is what helps the whole puzzle become complete.

When the Okanagans’ most respected Builders, Designers and Home Owners need a flooring and tile shop they can trust to deliver their dream, Kelowna House of Floors is there to deliver on time and on budget. Even more importantly, our Project Managers and Skilled Installers will deliver the beautiful floors, counters and wall finishes that truly bring the dream to a finish.

We partner with the Okanagans’ Signature Builders

As one of the leading commercial / multi-family / residential flooring shops in the Okanagan, Kelowna House of Floors is fortunate to work with some of the best Builders, Designers and Developers in the Okanagan. This has allowed us to work on many signature projects. Here is A Taste of the Projects we have completed recently.

Talk to one of our House of Floors Team about your next build or renovation. You can find them here.

Have a look at some of our installations

A few of our Upcoming / Ongoing Projects

University Heights

Located just off Academy way close to the UBC Okanagan Campus, University Heights is an exciting new sub-division featuring over 200 single family residences in a wide variety of styles, along with green spaces and parks close to many world class amenities. 

LIV – A Little House Community in McKinley Beach

The LIV community is a great place to invest in your present and future. If you have children attending UBC Okanagan, are looking for a revenue property, or planning for your own retirement, the small homes at LIV will grow with homeowners through the seasons of life. Each unit comes with a solar panel, generating enough energy to charge an electric car. Just another way we partner with homeowners to think about today and tomorrow.


Residents will be able to enjoy close community amenities, walkable activities, and everything the downtown area offers while realizing an affordable rental lifestyle.

815 Leon Rental Building